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“Well-Baby Check-Ups” for Your Newborn

Burlington pediatric chiropractorChiropractic also plays an important role in your newborn’s health and well-being. We encourage all new mothers to bring their newborns in for a “Well-Baby Check-up” to ensure their nervous system and spine are functioning optimally after the trauma of birth.

The birth process causes stress to a still developing delicate spine. Spinal trauma during birth can also affect the nervous system and interfere with the child’s normal healthy function. Even minor spinal traumas caused by improper lifting of the child out of a car seat, or during diaper changing, can affect the spine and stress the nervous system.

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These traumas may lead to newborn health complaints such as:

If ignored, spinal problems may worsen and become more difficult to correct. Addressing spinal and nervous system dysfunction early will allow your baby’s body to function at its optimum, giving your child the best start to life!

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