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Athletics & Medical Compression Stockings

A growing trend among competitive athletes is the use of graduated compression socks to help improve their athletic performance, recovery, and prevent injury.

Performance Socks: Peak Your Performance & Prevent Injury

chiropractic and athletes

  • Improved circulation and oxygen delivery
  • Improved blood flow
  • Faster regeneration
  • Less aching and cramping
  • Enhance warm-ups via increases in skin temperatures
  • Thermal and odor control
  • Reduce blood lactate concentration during maximal exercise bouts
  • Reduce muscle oscillation upon ground contact (ex. joggers)

Athletic Recovery Socks: Speed Up Recovery Time

  • Promotes lactic acid flush-out and reduce the effects of delayed onset muscle soreness
  • Increase feelings of positive leg sensations both during and following strenuous exercise
  • Enhance recovery following strenuous exercise by aiding in the removal of blood lactate and improving subsequent exercise performance

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