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Webster Technique

JMPT 2002 reported the Webster Technique has a 92% success rate of babies turning to a vertex position. It is a safe, gentle, chiropractic technique to assist in pelvic alignment and balance, for safer easier births.

What Is Webster Technique?

Webster Technique

Dr. Lardi finds that the overall health of an infant is greatly improved when the mother uses the Webster technique during pregnancy.

Webster Technique is a specific prenatal chiropractic analysis and adjustment that facilitates pelvic balance. Gentle and safe, the Webster Technique assists in eliminating intrauterine constraint to foster optimal foetal position and promotes pelvic alignment for safe and easier labours.

It aims to identify and correct pelvis dysfunction and misalignment in order to restore it to a balanced state. It is considered a wellness technique performed throughout pregnancy to ensure optimal neuro-biomechanics.

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Why Are Webster Technique & Chiropractic An Essential Part of Your Pre-natal Care?

Poor pelvic alignment may not only result in your physical discomfort, but may also interfere with your baby’s comfort and growth in utero, resulting in foetal mal position (ie. breech) or nerve dysfunction.

Pre-existing pelvic imbalances become stressed during pregnancy, often resulting in discomfort and pain (ie. back/pelvic pain, sciatica etc).

More importantly, as you baby develops, if your pelvis is misaligned, the muscles and ligaments attached to the uterus become strained or twisted causing a condition called Intrauterine Constraint. This constraint restricts foetal movement and prevents the baby from comfortably assuming the optimal position for birth. Thus, a mother’s tendency for pelvic imbalance, may contribute to a breech presentation (ie. the breech baby is “symptom” of your misaligned pelvis).

Further, if the baby’s position is compromised throughout pregnancy, nerve dysfunction may result and its development may be affected. Conditions such as torticollis (“wry neck”) occur because a baby’s space was cramped in utero. As birth approaches, any position that is less than optimal can slow down labour and cause distress to both the mother and baby.

Webster technique facilitates a state of pelvic balance and alignment, thereby decreasing torsion in the mother’s uterus, and offering greater room for the baby. This in turn reduces the potential of intrauterine constraint to the baby, facilitating the baby’s comfort and growth in utero, and enhancing optimal positioning for birth.

Restoration of pelvic balance may also reduce the need for intervention during the birth process, and allow for a more pleasant delivery and shorter labour time.

For these reasons, the ICPA recommends ongoing chiropractic care throughout pregnancy.

What if my baby is “Breech”? Can you still help?

Absolutely! While correcting pelvic imbalances early is ideal in preventing the likelihood of poor foetal positioning (ie. breech), Webster Technique is a wellness technique that can be applied at any stage of pregnancy. By restoring a state of pelvic balance, optimal foetal positioning is encouraged.

A research study in 2002 showed a reported 92% success rate of babies turning to vertex position following use of the Webster Technique by a chiropractor. The study also suggests that Webster Technique may be beneficial to use in the 8th month of pregnancy when breech presentation is unlikely to spontaneously change and when external cephalic version technique is not effective.

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