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Plagiocephaly (Flattened Head)

Dr. Lardi and Emmett

Dr. Lardi adjusting Emmett at 3 months old.

Plagiocephaly means flattening of the skull which can affect a baby’s appearance and can cause the head and face to develop asymmetrically. Left uncorrected, plagiocephaly can potentially affect their ability to talk and chew, as well as possibly causing sinus or vision problems.

An infant may be born with a flattened head as a result of poor positioning in utero and/or birth trauma. Plagiocephaly may also occur after birth if the baby spends too much time on their back, whether in a crib, car seat or stroller.

Up until about 12 months of age the bones of the skull are thin and flexible, which makes the skull very soft and easy to mold. Therefore, constant pressure on one part of the skull causes flattening.

I met Dr. Lardi when Emmett was just 3 months old. I brought him in to see her because the back of his head was severely flat on one side. After only 6 weeks [of care] his head is so much better. The Pediatrician says he’s not even a candidate for the helmet anymore!!
Corrine Mooney

Chiropractic Can Help

Plagiocephaly responds well to specific chiropractic care. The sooner it is addressed the more favorable the result. Your chiropractor will also address baby ergonomics specific to the home to encourage a quicker and more favourable outcome.

Consult a chiropractor focusing on children if you notice flattening of the skull, asymmetry of your child’s face, or uneven pattern of hair loss, or if it appears that your child has torticollis (head tilted to one side – “twisted” head appearance).

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