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Torticollis (Wry Neck)

Torticollis is a condition where a child’s head is tilted to one side while the chin is tilted the opposite way, producing a “twisted” appearance. Torticollis (congential) occurs as a result of a baby’s malposition in utero or birth trauma. It can also develop during childhood (acquired).

Why does it Happen?

torticollis treatment in Burlington

Dr. Lardi adjusting Macklyn.

Spinal misalignments in the upper neck caused by malposition in utero or birth trauma, results in the shortening of the sternocleidomastoid muscle which connects from the skull to the collarbone, which in turn results in the head tilt appearance of torticollis.

Long Term Effects of Torticollis

Left untreated, torticollis may lead a flattened skull (plagiocephaly) and resulting facial asymmetry, as well as elevated risk of cognitive and motor delays associated with deformational plagiocephaly. Other effects include limited range of motion in the neck which can affect daily living, potential compromised function of ears, eyes and jaw, and potential developmental issues.

Signs that your infant has Torticollis

  • Head tilted to one side ( ie. infant prefers looking to one side in the car seat or sleeping with head turned to specific side)
  • Limited neck movements
  • Preference for breastfeeding on one side
  • Uneven hair loss pattern on back of skull
  • Frequent crying or signs of discomfort
  • Flattening of the skull or facial asymmetry – associated with torticollis

How Chiropractic Can Help

Torticollis responds well to chiropractic care. The sooner it is addressed the more favorable the result.
A variety of techniques are incorporated to resolve the problem, including: gentle chiropractic care, specific stretching and muscle work, and modified ergonomics and specific exercises.

Consult a chiropractor focusing on children if you notice your child prefers looking to one side (head tilted to one side – “twisted” head appearance), flattening of the skull, asymmetry of your child’s face, or uneven pattern of hair loss.

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