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Poor Posture

You’ve probably heard people say, “sit up straight, don’t slouch”. Poor posture can lead to a painful condition called postural syndrome.

Postural syndrome can cause physical changes to the body and painful side effects. Most people with this condition notice their shoulders are rounded and tend to droop forward. Muscles that connect the shoulders and the back of the neck to the head tend to pull the head forward. The resulting position can cause constant, aching pain, stiffness and even burning in the upper middle back areas, as well as in the shoulder, neck, and head. Over time, poor posture can also lead to headaches.

Poor posture success story.

My son and I are VERY PLEASED with the results! He suffered from curvature of the spine, and sore ankles and knees. He is now able to run with increased agility and play his sports for longer periods of time. Most importantly his posture has improved dramatically. He now sits and stands with a straight back and squared shoulders. I have, and will continue to recommend Dr. Lardi to family and friends, as I know they will feel better too!
Kristian & Cristian

Poor posture usually develops gradually in people who sit improperly for long periods of time. Most people tend to sit with a forward bend causing the shoulders to become hunched over. This position causes a muscular imbalance in the body. Good posture is a state of musculoskeletal balance that involves a minimal amount of stress or strain on the body.

Chiropractic Can Help

If you have postural syndrome or just poor posture, it’s important to see your chiropractor. Postural awareness and adequate care can help restore muscle balance and joint health however, because it takes so long for this imbalance to develop it may take some time to correct the problem.

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