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Bulging or Herniated Disc

Your spinal column is composed of 24 bones called vertebrae. Separating each vertebrae are discs, which are made of soft, jelly-like cartilage that act as shock absorbers, and protect the vertebrae when the weight of your body forces them together. Healthy discs give you flexibility, allowing you to turn and bend with ease.

Disc herniations develop when trauma or continuous, repetitive activities like bending, lifting and twisting overload or wear out the spine’s shock absorbers. All these activities force the vertebrae closer together, squeezing the disc in between them and causing the outer layer of the disc to weaken and develop tiny tears.

Over time, these compressed discs react in much the same way as flattened ice cream sandwiches: their middle bugles out. This bulge or rupture is a known as a herniation. A herniation can compress nearby spinal nerves, causing pain down your buttock and leg – also known as sciatica.

Chiropractic Can Help

Chiropractic has been a natural solution helping people with a variety of disc problems. Chiropractic adjustments aim to correct any joint dysfunctions that are contributing to pressure on the discs and nearby spinal nerves. If caught before permanent damage occurs, disc tissue often returns to a more normal size and shape.

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